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Character Design is fun and challenging, this group is all about designing characters using challenges.


No Fan Art
If it's a character that you did not create it will not be accepted

No Pre Existing Original Characters
Every design must be new.

No Random Art
If the art does not fit a challenge it will not be accepted.

No Affiliations
Sorry we don't accept them.

This group constantly gets random submissions that don't use any of the challenge topics whatsoever. If we find that your submission does not follow the rules of submission, it will not be accepted.

List of ALL the challenges done so far - in order:
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Until Jan 31, 2015

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Feb 5, 2010


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Character Design

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So, we have our line-up...

:eager: August 2014 Shapes by puddlefisher :eager:

I remember first discovering Design-A-Character and participating in this challenge - being very curious as to what the thinking was behind the shapes. I suspected a number of ploys being used that made for interesting challenges. Not the least of which was a certain amount of distraction within the shapes that already resembled something; it's my opinion that obvious choices of characters in the shapes can be predictable and trend throughout lots of the submissions within each month. Analysing the shapes is crucial, and I wanted to give you guys a tip on the processes I use to create shapes and how you can use them creatively.

I encourage you to look. Be sure to identify every possibility with your characters and take advantage of the irregularities between shapes to explore variations in your designs. The origin for the shapes stem from imagined creatures/characters that are outlined first - which become distorted through improvised protrusions and conscious choices to elongate areas and make others stubby. This month's shapes are hyper organic and are reminiscent of full-body silhouettes because that's what I had in-mind - but don't let first impressions fool you into seeing the shapes for what they are, and allow yourself time to deviate from it. Also remember to rotate the shapes if you want.

Lastly, please allow me to take this opportunity to ask for your opinions about including featured highlights of each month's submissions into the new month's Shape journal. I'm hoping it would be an additional incentive towards participating in the challenge and expose you guys for your hard work. I'm yet to discuss it with LuigiL but we're mutually agreed on the development of new challenges, better standards & presentation on the homepage. So please, share your thoughts with us.

Once again, apologies for the absence of last month's shapes!
More Journal Entries

Silver Drawing Academy Information

Hi there character designers! Luigi Lucarelli here with some cool information for anyone who wants to learn from a legend!!

Recently my good friend, Stephen Silver, (Character Designer for shows like Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, and Clerks) has opened up an art academy! His academy focuses on teaching: Character Design, Caricature/Figure Drawing, Uninstructed Gesture Drawing, Weekend Workshops, and Storyboarding 101 :D

When I was living in Japan I remember really wanting to push myself as a character designer and one day stumbling across an online podcast by Stephen Silver. He did a few live streams where he would talk to people live while drawing, then he'd open up the floor for questions. It was an inspirational experience for me and I learned a lot in that short time.

If Stephen Silver had his own school when I was in Japan, I probably would have flown back to California just to go there for a while! Now he DOES have a school and I think it's a great opportunity for anyone interested in improving their skills and learning about the art industry.

Here are links to the Academy and more information:

Stephen Silver:


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