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Hi guys, this month let's try a theme challenge!

The theme is: "A god or goddess of magma"
Feel free to be as creative with the theme as you like, no fan art please.

Submit your design to the "Theme Challenge" folder.

Have fun!
Hey everyone!

This month, let's try to use only one shape to create as many character heads you'd like!

This one can be tricky so feel free to rotate the shape and even break out of the shape if you need to! The shape challenge is only meant to inspire not restrict.
If you'd like to give yourself the extra challenge to stay within the shape that's ok too.

Have fun! :D

November 2016 Shape by LuigiL
Due to Inktober going on, I wont be submitting a challenge this month!

Hope you guys wont mind too much :)
Here's the shapes for this month! I'll try to submit other types of challenges soon!

I hope you have fun with these :D

DAC September 2016 Shapes by LuigiL
I'm gonna find time to submit monthly shapes! I can get pretty busy, but I will do my best to keep things going here!!
There will be some new shapes to work from next month! :D

Thank you all for sticking around!


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