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Hey there everyone!

I really enjoyed looking through all the submissions for last month! You guys are so creative!!

Here are this month's shapes! I hope they aren't too tricky!!

November Shapes 2014 by LuigiL

Have fun!!!

:D :D :D
Hey guys!!

The shapes for this month are here!!

October Shapes 2014 by LuigiL

I put a little more thought into the shapes, I'm really curious if you see the characters I see :D :D :D

Have fun!!
Hey guys here are the shapes for this month!

September Shapes 2014 by LuigiL

There are some sharp edges this time around and I'm curious how you will all approach this =P

I hope you'll have fun with the shapes!! :D

So, we have our line-up...

:eager: August 2014 Shapes by puddlefisher :eager:

I remember first discovering Design-A-Character and participating in this challenge - being very curious as to what the thinking was behind the shapes. I suspected a number of ploys being used that made for interesting challenges. Not the least of which was a certain amount of distraction within the shapes that already resembled something; it's my opinion that obvious choices of characters in the shapes can be predictable and trend throughout lots of the submissions within each month. Analysing the shapes is crucial, and I wanted to give you guys a tip on the processes I use to create shapes and how you can use them creatively.

I encourage you to look. Be sure to identify every possibility with your characters and take advantage of the irregularities between shapes to explore variations in your designs. The origin for the shapes stem from imagined creatures/characters that are outlined first - which become distorted through improvised protrusions and conscious choices to elongate areas and make others stubby. This month's shapes are hyper organic and are reminiscent of full-body silhouettes because that's what I had in-mind - but don't let first impressions fool you into seeing the shapes for what they are, and allow yourself time to deviate from it. Also remember to rotate the shapes if you want.

Lastly, please allow me to take this opportunity to ask for your opinions about including featured highlights of each month's submissions into the new month's Shape journal. I'm hoping it would be an additional incentive towards participating in the challenge and expose you guys for your hard work. I'm yet to discuss it with LuigiL but we're mutually agreed on the development of new challenges, better standards & presentation on the homepage. So please, share your thoughts with us.

Once again, apologies for the absence of last month's shapes!

Oy, designers!

As you know (or don't), we at Design-A-Character consider our group focus to be around character design, as inspired by our prompts exclusively. While there are new challenges being considered, I believe the premise of the group and its overall purpose will remain the same. But there have been increasing numbers of submissions into the galleries that deviate from all of this, being pretty irrelevant to any of the challenges. We love the art as much as we love ducklings and yellow bellied turtles (millions) but sometimes it's just not suited to our mission.

It's common practice by us to deny submissions that aren't clearly derived from the challenges - sometimes it's more apparent but I'd recommend you habitually mention the group in the description of your deviations. It's a prerequisite, because it enforces a bit more sincerity about the submissions which we'd otherwise suspect of being completely unrelated in most instances.

This rule and the rest aren't effectively visible on the homepage - both in my opinion and as demonstrated by some. We're working on improving the homepage aesthetically, so stay tuned for that. And in the meantime, puddlefishies is accepting more general submissions related cartoon "kids and critters" subjects, a newly founded group which I'm shamelessly plugging right here, right now. :eager:

We hope you enjoy the new stuff that we've got planned.

Til then. :salute:

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