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So, this month's Shape Challenge is up!

:eager: June 2014 Shapes by puddlefisher :eager:

There were some general ideas involved in the creation process - it's not customary to provide extra stimuli for this challenge, but the shapes are protruded a little more than normal with negative space. So, I'll reveal my general thinking behind them: "Critters". Just an insight and supplementary proposal.

There are probably some more apparent ideas than in other shapes, but I encourage you to be as abstract and outrageous with your designs as these shapes are. Gonna look forward to what you will create with these - 'til then! :salute:

Enjoy 'em!
Hey everyone!! Let's go back to shapes this month :D
Good luck and have fun!!…

No specific theme this month, so go crazy if you want to!!!! :D :D :D
Hey there character designers!!

This month's challenge is the Versus Challenge!!! :D

Feel free to design any kind of rival characters.
(If you'd like an extra challenge here are some words for inspiration: The rivals are "Ancient" "Powerful" and "Elemental")

Info can be found here: design-a-character.deviantart.…

I can't wait to see what you design!!

Here are the shapes for this month! :D
Hey pals,

Here are the shapes for this month's Shape Challenge - it's my first submission for you guys, so I sincerely hope the shapes provoke rockin' ideas and versatility; and that you have fun.

:eager: Enjoy!

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