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Hello, everyone!

For this month's second challenge, we're going to revisit Luigi's Re-Imagine challenge where an already existing character is given for you to completely redesign in any way you want. This time, I'm going with Invader Zim. An already distinct art style, it's interesting to see these kinds of characters drawn differently. Be as creative as you want! When you're done, submit it to the Re-Imagine Challenge folder :)

Here's the challenge:…

The original example Luigi made for the first iteration:…

Again, my own version is delayed due to piles of homework. I'll get to it soon, I promise :)

Finally, I'm not one for advertisements, but this one is important for all serious artists: Bobby Chiu, a prolific artist in the industry who specialises in creature design, has started (a while ago) a Kickstarter for his online art school program. Online classes are offered by fellow professionals like Nathan Fowkes and Craig Mullins, and the Kickstarter was made to greatly reduce the prices of these courses for everyone. It's already passed its initial goal, but that doesn't mean more people aren't allowed to enjoy the benefits. I encourage you all to hop on board and at least check it out. If you want to be an artist, you need some sort of professional education to help yourself out:…

Okay, so, several things going on with this:

First off, no, it's not an April Fool's joke :P

Secondly, I now introduce a new challenge for the group! The gist is that we will be creating a small cast of characters of at least 3 with a given theme each time I bring it up. This week, it's sitcom characters. I understand it may seem pretty complicated and a little open-ended, but I do encourage you all to give it a try. Sometimes, we have to create with the bare minimum as a guide. If you have any questions, just post 'em here or on the image and I'll get back to you :)

Finally, my deepest apologies for not submitting my own example at the same time. I got sick this past week and have done absolutely nothing, so I'll try to get my example out real soon.

Happy drawing!


The challenge:…

My example:…
I'm not entirely sure how to start this, so I'll just ramble a little bit and see where it goes. Sorry if it's a long, boring post :P

So, I've been a member of this fine group for only a short time and have just started to contribute to the challenges from the beginning. I understand what an incredible resource this group is with its unique and educational challenges provided by fellow artists to help everyone of all skill levels, whether you're a student like myself looking to go somewhere or a veteran looking for some kicks to stay in shape. After realising this, I thought it would be a darn shame if the hiatus kept going due to how busy the rest of the team is.

As such, I've decided that I want to contribute and give this group a new breath of life, and hopefully keep the past standards up. I've spoken with LuigiL, and he's granted me the position of moderator, so I'll be in charge for now, managing entries and coming up with more challenges. I'll take the following week to study up on every challenge provided thus far, how everything operates, and come up with some more when April shows up. Hopefully. Probably. Cheers :)

- HipnikDragomir (don't know how to link myself yet)
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know the updates for monthly challenges will go on hiatus for a while. I'm busier than ever and wont have time to make new challenges for now.

You can still submit character designs for previously assigned challenges, I will look through and approve them regularly.

Sorry for the hiatus, when my schedule frees up I'll start new challenges again :)
Hey everyone!

I'm really sorry for the late submissions, I'm trying to keep this group going!! :D
Here are shapes for this month:

December shapes 2014 by LuigiL

I hope you have fun! :D :D :D


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