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Another challenge idea brought to you by :iconwesleyriot:

Here is the new challenge:…

Submit to "Style Challenge Folder"

For all new members - Rules and info can be found here:…

In this challenge you are to design an original character and create a turn around sheet for that character.


Character must be designed fully from head to toe to be accepted.

Absolutely No fan Art, submit to "Turn Around Challenge" folder good luck!

Here is the link to the new challenge.
I would also like to point out that our very own :iconwesleyriot: Originally thought up the Idea for a robot challenge so you can thank him directly :)

Hello everyone here is the New Challenge…

Challenges are assigned every other tuesday, so you get 2 weeks to work on your challenge but you may work on any challenge at your own pace there are no real deadlines!!!

Submit to Giant Robot Challenge folder thank you and have fun!


Here is the link to the rules for new members…
Hello everyone! As it turns out more people feel comfortable taking part in challenges if they are spread out for 1 every 2 weeks, which seems fair given that not everyone has the time to do the challenges weekly. I'll try my best not to overwhelm with too many challenges but, also not give too few that will leave others wanting more.

With that said we will have a look back at into the great mix of challenges that Luigi originally created.

Here is the challenge enjoy and good luck!

Hey there Character Designers! Congrats to everyone who has been pushing through on the challenges and really trying to better their design skills. Here is the new challenge for the week, when complete submit to the buddy challenge folder.

Please let me know if you guys would like me to continue on with weekly challenges or if you would prefer to have two weeks before I introduce a new challenge. Enjoy and good luck!

Edit: for those new to DAC I humbly welcome you to the group! here are a few rules to help you out…

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