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Weekly Character Design
Hey character designers!!

So this week let's design a character based on food!!

The basic example is here:

This time the theme/topic/requirement is that the food has to be some sort of candy or snack item!

Good luck and have fun!!
Hey guys so let's get things moving shall we? :D

This week the challenge is "Opposites" here's an example of what the challenge is:

This week's topic will be before and after! like this:…

So the challenge is to design a character before and after a major event, weight loss is the basic idea but it could also be weight gain, or a war vet before and after.

It's up to you!! :D

Anyway hope you guys have fun this week!!

All submissions should go in the  "opposites challenge" folder :D
So I was thinking that we should get things rolling again with some new challenges!!

Starting Monday August 30th I'll be assigning weekly challenges.

There wont be any new stuff just revisiting past challenges with NEW THEMES :D

I'll post up a new blog entry soon!! :D
So because it's summer time and a lot of people are on vacation, I thought it would be a good idea to give you guys an entire month to catch up on any past challenges you may have missed!

Enjoy your summer vacation!! :D

After 4 weeks we'll begin again with new challenges! :D
Hey there!!

So this week let's play with shapes :D

Here are the shapes for you to create characters with:…

For more info on this challenge:

You can submit the sketches, lines, full color, or turn around at ANY TIME :D

Have fun!!!!

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