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Hey there character designers!

So first let me say sorry for the delay in assigning the new challenges, I've been trying to get some free time but haven't been very successful. =P

So for this month we will be doing the Prop challenge and the Re-imagine challenge!

For the Prop challenge, your goal is to design a vehicle first. Once you're happy with the vehicle design, work on a character that would ride that vehicle!

There are no restrictions on what type of vehicle. It can be artificial (like a car, or spaceship) or animal (like a horse or some creature that can be used as a form of transportation)

Here's a link to some info:…

For the Re-imagine challenge, your goal is to re-imagine or re-invent a character.

For this challenge let's re-imagine Mega Man!…
You can re-invent/design his look or re-imagine his story altogether! It's up to you how to do this :D

Here's a link to some info on this challenge:

There's no time limit on these so you can submit them at any time :D

good luck and have a lot of fun! :D :D

Hey there Character Designers!!!

So here are this month's challenges!
Remember you have the whole month to complete these so take your time :D

Profile challenge:

Draw at least 4 different profiles

If you want some direction let's draw profiles of monkey/ape characters!!
You can draw anything you like though :D

Style Challenge:

Draw a character in the style of Nicolas Marlet!

Nicolas Marlet is the character designer responsible for the look of characters from Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon :)
Here's some of his work:…

Alright guys good luck, keep on drawing, and have a great month!

Your pal,
Luigi Lucarelli
Hey everyone!!

So starting today DAC is back in action!! :D

I've decide to assign two challenges every month until October (October will only have one challenge assigned) November and December will be "free to choose" months!

At the beginning of each month I will assign 2 of the 19 challenges, you will have the entire month to submit stuff for only those challenges!

When we move on to the next month I will assign another 2 challenges.

DAC has always been pretty easy going on when you submit, so this year I will continue that tradition! There will be NO deadlines so if you miss a month you can always go back and do it! :D

Anyway onto this months challenges!

January 2011 challenges:

Shape challenge:
Try your best to make characters from shapes, you are not confined to stay within the lines feel free to venture off track a bit if you have to :D
Here's a link to this month's shapes:…

Theme Challenge:
Create a character from an assigned theme. It's up to you what this character will look like based off of a quick description :D

"A heavy, grumpy viking who doesn't care much for combing his/her hair, has a smoking and drinking habit, loves to get into fights"

If you have any questions feel free to ask me or the moderators! :D

Let's make 2011 a year of self improvement!! I know I will be trying my best to push my character designs and illustrations, I hope you guys will join me in the fun!! :D

Good luck!!!!

Hey there character designers!!

It's been awhile but the DAC is gonna start up again on January 3rd!!

There are a few changes in how thing will be set up for 2011.

Here's my plan:

Every month I will assign 2 challenges. It's up to you to decide which one you would like to do, you could also do both!! :D

You will have the entire month to work on that challenge (or both challenges) so there wont be too much pressure on time :)

I'll post up the new challenges soon!

I'm excited for this new year, I hope you are too! :D

:icondesign-a-character: will be on hiatus until January 2011

Founder :iconluigil: is very busy and will need time to settle with his new character design job.

Challenges will be assigned on January 3rd 2011

If you haven't done any of the previous challenges or if you want to re-do some of the previous challenges assigned now is your chance!

And now a message from Luigi Lucarelli:

"Hey character designers!

I'm really sorry for the hiatus.

I'm trying to sort things out and get used to new things, I've got a lot of things on my plate and need time to settle down. I hope you all will understand.

:icondesign-a-character: will be back very soon I promise!

In the meantime, keep on drawing, practicing, and don't forget to always have fun!"

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