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Weekly Character Design
Hey there!!

So this week let's play with shapes :D

Here are the shapes for you to create characters with:…

For more info on this challenge:

You can submit the sketches, lines, full color, or turn around at ANY TIME :D

Have fun!!!!
Hey they character designers!!

So after thinking about it for some time and realizing we have so many challenges, I've decided that we should do another catch up week and start from the beginning again.

Here's the schedule for the next few weeks:

This week will be a catch up week, giving you time to catch up and finish challenges that you've missed.

Next week we'll be starting form the beginning again with a Shape Challenge!

The week after that I'll most likely do a poll to decide the popularity of the challenges and see what you guys want to do next! :D

So anyway, have fun and good luck in catching up!! :D
Alrighty character designers!

I've got one more challenge before I start going back to older challenges but with different themes.

In this challenge let's design a character that looks like their pet.

It can be any kind of pet and the owner does not have to be human (alien, ghost, monster, etc.)

The only rule is that the pets resemble the owner in some way.

Heres the example link:…

And a Youtube link of something that might give you a better idea:…
Sorry for the inconvenience :)

Challenge info: design-a-character.deviantart.…
Hey there everyone!!

This week's challenge requires you to use your imagination!!

I will provide a name and you will design the character! :D

There wont be any description so it's up to you how this character looks!

Here's the name and more info:…

Good luck and have fun!!!

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