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:iconluigil: here with an important announcement

So it seems my good buddy :iconpunkbox: is getting busier and can't keep :icondesign-a-character: going so we have decide it would be best to PASS THE TORCH!!

So I'd like to take this time to ask our current mods if they'd like to take the reigns. If not then DAC will be on hiatus until we find someone to take the lead :)

It's not a bad thing, changes are good, we may get some fresh ideas for challenges!

Anyone who has opinions on how we can mak DAC better, feel free to post them on the front page comments section. :D

So Mods if you'd like to take the lead let me know VIA note please, I'll make another post when the decision is made =P

OK everyone, keep on drawing and stay positive!

your friend,

Hands down we get more designers to participate in these theme shape challenges more than any other challenge here at DAC. So we bring you a new set of shapes to play with. This time you are to design a Gator/Croc character using the shapes provided. when you are done pick one or more and flesh out the full character from head to toe.

Here is the new challenge :

Have fun!

-Attention- submission rules for new members can be found here:…
Another challenge idea brought to you by :iconwesleyriot:

Here is the new challenge:…

Submit to "Style Challenge Folder"

For all new members - Rules and info can be found here:…

In this challenge you are to design an original character and create a turn around sheet for that character.


Character must be designed fully from head to toe to be accepted.

Absolutely No fan Art, submit to "Turn Around Challenge" folder good luck!

Here is the link to the new challenge.
I would also like to point out that our very own :iconwesleyriot: Originally thought up the Idea for a robot challenge so you can thank him directly :)

Hello everyone here is the New Challenge…

Challenges are assigned every other tuesday, so you get 2 weeks to work on your challenge but you may work on any challenge at your own pace there are no real deadlines!!!

Submit to Giant Robot Challenge folder thank you and have fun!


Here is the link to the rules for new members…

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