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Hey there character designers!!

It's been awhile but the DAC is gonna start up again on January 3rd!!

There are a few changes in how thing will be set up for 2011.

Here's my plan:

Every month I will assign 2 challenges. It's up to you to decide which one you would like to do, you could also do both!! :D

You will have the entire month to work on that challenge (or both challenges) so there wont be too much pressure on time :)

I'll post up the new challenges soon!

I'm excited for this new year, I hope you are too! :D

:icondesign-a-character: will be on hiatus until January 2011

Founder :iconluigil: is very busy and will need time to settle with his new character design job.

Challenges will be assigned on January 3rd 2011

If you haven't done any of the previous challenges or if you want to re-do some of the previous challenges assigned now is your chance!

And now a message from Luigi Lucarelli:

"Hey character designers!

I'm really sorry for the hiatus.

I'm trying to sort things out and get used to new things, I've got a lot of things on my plate and need time to settle down. I hope you all will understand.

:icondesign-a-character: will be back very soon I promise!

In the meantime, keep on drawing, practicing, and don't forget to always have fun!"
Ok for the next two weeks let's design a character based on a name!!

The name is: "Arcane Shadowscribe"

Have fun!!! :D

Please submit to the name challenge folder =P
Ok so for the next two weeks I'll assign the Theme Challenge!


This time the theme is "OUTER SPACE"

So let's see some aliens, astronauts, space pirates, or any other type of outer space character! :D

Have fun!!
Due to time constraints the format for DAC will be changing a little bit.

I am now going to be assigning a challenge every TWO weeks.

That means you'll have two whole weeks to work on your characters!

I hope everyone will understand.

Thanks for being a part of DAC!

I'm looking forward to seeing your designs!


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