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Hello everyone! As it turns out more people feel comfortable taking part in challenges if they are spread out for 1 every 2 weeks, which seems fair given that not everyone has the time to do the challenges weekly. I'll try my best not to overwhelm with too many challenges but, also not give too few that will leave others wanting more.

With that said we will have a look back at into the great mix of challenges that Luigi originally created.

Here is the challenge enjoy and good luck!

Hey there Character Designers! Congrats to everyone who has been pushing through on the challenges and really trying to better their design skills. Here is the new challenge for the week, when complete submit to the buddy challenge folder.

Please let me know if you guys would like me to continue on with weekly challenges or if you would prefer to have two weeks before I introduce a new challenge. Enjoy and good luck!

Edit: for those new to DAC I humbly welcome you to the group! here are a few rules to help you out…
Hello character designers world wide!, we will as a team continue with the smoothest transition possible to keep your creative flow moving.

I'll start things off with something simple while I adjust to the administrative side of DAC.

I'll keep this short for now I have submitted a new challenge for you to begin working on.

The challenge can be found here…

at this time we would love to hear any suggestions you may have for new challenges  the weeks to come.

Any other concerns can be directed in a note in which my self or one of the contributers will be answering.

All previous challenges will remain active so no need to worry, you may still work at your own pace nothing else will change.

Thank you to everyone who has joined the group and has continued to participate in the challenges. lets get back to designing amazing characters.

-The DAC team.
So hey guys I've got some good news!

Due to the business of my schedule I haven't been able to update things here as often as I'd like, luckily I have great mods and friends that want to help out!

So from now on Co-Founder :iconpunkbox: will be in charge of  assigning and approving challenges, as well as coming up with new challenges whenever possible.

Both mods, :iconstabebabe: and :icon2ajoe: will be in charge of talking with the community about challenges and in answering questions. They will also be helping in the process of creating new challenges through suggestions of their own or suggestions made by any of the group members (all of you).

If the other mods would like to contribute suggestions feel free, all mods have been granted more control in gallery submissions and folder/blog control.

I'll be around but not as frequent, but I will do my best to come by as often as I can.

I'm excited to see where things go and I'm confident these changes in management will help this group a lot.

Thanks everyone for being so patient, I really appreciate it.

Hey everyone,

I'm really sorry in the lack of updates and challenges, I know it's no excuse to be busy, but I have been pretty busy.

I've sent a message to the mods here to see if any of them would like to have more control over the challenges and this group in general.

I'll see what they say, but if they don't want the responsibilities 1 of two things will happen.

Either the group will shut down (which I really don't want to do) or I'll make an open invitation to a group member (all of you) to become a mod with the responsibility of assigning challenges and submitting blog posts.

So again sorry for the lack in updates, hopefully this will get resolved soon.


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