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Hey guys sorry for the lack in updates here, I'll do my best to keep this going!

Here are shapes for this month! I hope you see some cool characters in there :D

Feb 2016 Shapes by LuigiL

Pinch, Punch, first Shapes of the year! (And day of the month) :giggle:

The Shape Challenge has returned and with increased regularity too! But more on that in a moment. This month's shapes should inspire some obvious forms and some not so obvious ones - the drill is the same as usual: just draw what you see!

If your imagination is anchored to your first impressions of the shapes then challenge yourself to see more! Remember that artistic freedom is available to you - while your challenge is to design characters based on the shapes, things like rotation and subtle manipulation is allowed. We encourage you to stick as much as you can to the starting points but more importantly, we want you to have fun with it. We're excited to see what you come up with for the month of November!

We often talk about silhouette in character design and so you will notice that the shapes have been filled for clarity compared to the line drawings in previous months. DAC long-timers can find the line-art versions in the deviation descriptions should they be more comfortable to use. This is one of the small tweaks I've made to the challenge that accompany its return this year.

We also want to schedule it to be more regular than a monthly thing which feels a bit too spaced out. Before that's set in stone, we want to get your feedback to know what the perfect schedule would be so far as more regular shapes for this challenge - weekly? fortnightly? Expect to see a poll in your message centres shortly and please feel free to let us know anything more in the comments below. :eager:

Have fun!

PS. Since it has been some time since the last challenge, here's the example sheet for newcomers and DAC veterans alike:
Shape Challenge Example by LuigiL
It seems like DeviantArt is not agreeing with new folders, because it's not showing up on the Add To Group function's list. I went ahead and contacted the Help Desk to see what they can do. In the meantime, feel free to do the challenge anyway and submit it when the issue has been resolved.

Hey, everyone, sorry for the ultra late update. School has been taking away all of my free time.

Anyway, here's a brand new challenge that I hope I can make great criteria for art makin'.

This time, it's to create a character with a cool colour palette. Any mixture of blue, purple and green. Be careful with what saturation and value you use and it COULD reflect their traits, like emotion or setting.

Have fun!

Here's the challenge:…

My example: N/A yet

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the very late post.

This week, we're revisiting Luigi's Prop Challenge! Design a prop based on whatever the challenge provides, and then a character that would logically use it.

The challenge:…

Here's Luigi's original example: design-a-character.deviantart.…

Only original characters please and submit to the Prop Challenge folder.

Have fun!


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